What are ‘cookies’?

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Our site uses cookies, which are small text files of letters and numbers sent to the user’s computing device (usually inserted in the browser). The user’s device memorizes the files and then retransmits them on successive visits to the same site (see the legislation on cookies, at ).

Cookies permit faster, improved analysis of web traffic. They serve in recording how often a specific site or part of a site is visited, or to distinguish between visitors and offer them personalised content, to support administrative aspects, and to improve the overall site and the user’s own navigation experience.

Cookies DO NOT permit the site operator to access other information within your device. They CANNOT transmit code of any type, and ARE NOT harmful to the user’s device.

In the following sections we provide information on the cookies installed by this particular site, and indications of how you can manage your preferences in this regard.

User permission

When the user enters this site for the first time, they will see a brief information banner introducing our use of cookies. By closing the banner, or clicking outside it and proceeding with their navigation, the user accepts the use of cookies according to the description in the present Cookie policy.

The site memorizes the user’s choice, so that the banner will not be seen again during subsequent visits on the same device. However the user can also revoke their decision to accept cookies, at any time.

If you experience technical problems with the acceptation of retraction of consent, please contact us so that we can resolve the issue.

Types of cookies

We use both ‘persistent’ and ‘session’ cookies for the operation of our site. Persistent cookies remain in the device’s memory until the user manually removes them, or until automatic removal at some long-term interval. Session cookies serve for only one browser session and following that do not remain in the computer.

Our cookies are also classified according to purpose, as follows.




Technical - session
Technical - navigation
(These types of cookie do not require the user’s permission.)

These cookies are indispensible for the correct function of our site, and deactivating them would cause malfunction. They permit the user to navigate and visualise the content.

Such cookies are necessary to keep the navigation session open, and to permit the user to continue to reserved areas. Other examples of their use are to remember information that the user enters in a form, or while going back and forth to successive pages.

Technical - functional
(These types of cookie do not require the user’s permission.)

These cookies permit the user to use the specific characteristics of a given site, and make navigation easier. The site will function best if these cookies are enabled, but will continue to operate if the user decides to deactivate them on their device.

Cookies of this type can be used to record language preferences, to visualise specific content, or to remember the articles in a shopping basket for a limited period of time, in the event that the sessions is closed before the purchase is carried out.

Technical - permission
(These types of cookie do not require the user’s permission.)

This type of cookie traces the user’s permission to use cookies on the site, so that in subsequent visits they will not see the information banner and the request for permission .




Statistical - analytical
(These types of cookie require the user’s permission.)

These cookies serve for gathering data on the way the user navigates in our site. The information from all our users is analysed in aggregate form, for statistical purposes.

Such cookies are not strictly necessary for site operation but the statistical analyses provided are very useful for improving our content and services.

Third-party cookies

We use third-party cookies for purposes such as gathering statistics on site use and for marketing, and to personalise the site content. The following three sections provide more detailed information on these cookies and how to access the internet sites of the third parties involved.

Statistical cookies
Our site uses Google Analytics, a third-party service for the analysis of web traffic provided by
Google, Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway - Mountain View - CA94043 USA. The service uses cookies to gather and analyse aggregate information on user navigation. Google Analytics processes this information and provides us with reports, which we assist us to ensure the proper operation of our services and understand the users’ satisfaction with the contents.

If you would like more information on Google Analytics’ user privacy policies, click here. To disable statistical cookies this kind of data collection on your navigation, go to

Consumer profiling and retargeting cookies
We use specific cookies for management our marketing campaigns. The table below lists the third-party services used and provides links to their privacy policies and means for their deactivation.







Facebook Inc.

1601 S. California Ave 
Palo Alto - CA94304 

Go to the third-party privacy policy

Click here

or here

or manage your cookie settings by clicking here

Social plugins and widgets

In some cases our pages could contain social plugins managed by major third-party companies, such as the Facebook ‘Like’ button, or Twitter ‘retweet’. When you arrive at a page with the necessary cookie, your browser automatically connects to the third-party server and the plugin appears on the page.

In some cases the third-party server could record the event of your visit to specific pages. Also, if you visit the site while you are logged in to that social medium, then the information could be associated with your account.

If you use the plugin functions (such as the Facebook ‘Like’ button), then this information could also be associated with your account.

The table below lists the individual plugins and provides information on deactivating them.


Managing your cookie settings

If you wish to prevent this site from installing cookies, you must either avoid using it or change your browser settings to block cookie reception. However, please note that disabling cookies could also block or partially disable the operation of all or parts of the site.

Most browsers will permit you to block or accept all cookies, or to accept only certain ones such as from specific sites chosen by the user. To change the settings for cookie operation, to block their reception, or eliminate those present in your device, please go to ‘settings’ on your browser.

The methods for setting cookie operation vary from browser to browser. Please consult the ‘help’ section of your own browser. For an overview of this aspect visit

For further general information on cookies, including how to manage third-party cookies, go to