Electric car charging service

The POGGIO ROSSO Estate has believed in the new concept of mobility since the get go!
We are delighted to announce that we have invested in a charging infrastructure and it is undoubtedly an important step in welcoming new clients to our establishment. It provides concrete proof of the sustainable nature of our business and frees electric car owners of so-called range anxiety, or in other words, the fear of not being able to recharge their electric vehicle during their holidays. What is more, the energy that our clients use to charge their vehicles comes from renewable sources that have been certified by TUV SUD All Glamping clients can take advantage of the electric charging service provided inside the POGGIO ROSSO Estate, as can visitors to the Winery during the time they spend with us exploring our vineyards and cellars and tasting our wine. What better time to recharge their cars?! This charging service is also available to guests of other holiday accommodation structures nearby. Each charge must however be booked in advance through our reception.